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Huzzah and Cheers for 38 Years!

The 38th Annual Bay Area Renaissance Festival. Journey back in time as more than 100 merchants contribute to the atmosphere of this charming 16th century village. Experience live armored jousting, 12 stages of entertainment, 7 theme weekends, and fun and food for the whole family! The Bay Area Renaissance Festival is a first-class experience whose 38th season begins on February 6th and ends on March 20th, 2016. The Festival is open weekends, with a special day for schools and seniors on Festival Friday, March 11th, 2016. The Festival is open from 10 am – 6 pm rain or shine. Admission at the gate: Adults $20.95; Children 5-12 $12.95; four and under are free! Parking at the Bay Area Renaissance Festival is always free! Discount tickets are available at participating Walgreens stores and at MOSI.

History of the Bay Area Renaissance Festival

The Bay Area Renaissance Festival will enter its 38th year and celebrates its history, which began with just a handful of entertainers. It has turned into one of today’s finest Regional attractions.

The Festival was first held in 1979 in the city of Largo. This inaugural Faire featured renaissance dancing, archery contests, jugglers, mimes and madrigals.

By 1980, the Faire had added food booths, a human chess match and a unique marketplace. Ownership and management changed to Festivals, Inc. at that time. As attendance to the popular event grew, so did the number of artisans, demonstrations, entertainers and foods. The Faire grew to a full five weekend event to accommodate growing demand. At that point the event had developed beyond the status of local event to a regional tourist attraction.

The show continued to develop fans through the next decades, offering more each year in entertainment, education, food and art. Through the 1990’s, Faire attendance had grown to nearly 80,000 annual guests.

In 2004 Faire promoters chose to relocate the Festival to Tampa, Florida adjacent to the Museum of Science and Industry. After years of providing an aesthetic that guests could immerse themselves in upon entering the show, careful consideration was needed to find a new location equal to the task. The Museum of Science and Industry with the leadership of Wit Ostrenko, President of MOSI, offered Festivals, Inc. a location near the museum. Though much landscaping and attentiveness to environmental issues was required, the Festival site was erected, complimenting the educational and entertainment philosophy of its long standing neighbor. Hillsborough County and Tampa City officials have also been an integral part of the success of the show in its current location at 46th and Fowler, offering building guidance and codes compliance standards as the site continues to develop. In total, this year marks the 38th season for this long time event.

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The Bay Area Renaissance Festival at MOSI
is open Weekends • February 6 - March 20
PLUS Festival Friday, March 11!
10am - 6pm • Rain or Shine!

Free Parking!

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Outside Food & Beverage Policy:
The Bay Area Renaissance Festival does NOT allow outside food or beverages through our gates unless the food is a medical necessity such as infant formula/baby food. (The Festival will allow one unopened bottle of water per person to be brought through the front gate.) All flasks must be empty before entering the Festival gates! You may bring a cooler to leave in your car if you wish. If you choose to do so it must remain in your car. Patrons are welcome to leave through our gates, receive a hand stamp, return to their car and reenter through our gates later during the same day. Please note: all bags are inspected at the front gate! (This is for our employee's and patron's safety!) If you have any questions, please call 813-983-0111.

Film/Photo Rights:
All film rights are reserved. Commercial use of photos, videos or audio tapes made at the festival without written permission from the marketing department is strictly prohibited. Any cameras with lenses over 12 inches must have prior approval from the marketing department to shoot photos on the Bay Area Renaissance Festival grounds.

Weapons Policy:
The Festival bans guns on our premises. Longbows are allowed as long as they are not strung, arrows with tips are not allowed unless you are competing in the longbow competition that day. Swords, knives, dirks and daggers must be completely sheathed and peace-tied. Axes, claymores, maces, antique firearms, pikes and halberds are NOT allowed on the Festival site. No drawing of any weapon at any time. Must be 18 years or older to carry a weapon. If you have additional questions, please contact the Festival Office at 813-983-0111 for more information.

Privacy Policy

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